Thursday, December 06, 2007

Take the Pressure Off

I have decided that I am not going to follow a strict diet, I am going to just let myself enjoy my food and have fun with it. You know who does this is Christina Pirello, I love watching her cook, she has no fears she just throws together what she knows will taste good. She does not have any alarmist views on the use of oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, pasta etc etc etc etc etc...... Christina simply stays away from animal fats, animal proteins and cooks with a huge variety of unprocessed plant foods. I love it. I get so tired of analyzing everything I eat, it gets to be exhausting, then I end up binging. I know I wrote about this before but I have been struggling with this for the past year.

My eating plan will consist of: Veggies, fruit, whole grains/whole grain products(bread, pasta tortillas), beans/unprocessed bean products (tofu, tempeh,soymilk), nuts, seeds, and once in a while some faux meat products. I will use some extra virgin olive oil to cook with when I feel like it also I will use some avocado or macadamia nut oil to bake with. Christina gave me that tip and it is wonderful. No more pressure, seriously!

I still have some pictures to download, I made Bryanna's Neatball recipe and they were perfect, the really did not fall apart in the sauce. I also made Dreena's Orange Sesame Tofu with Coconut Lime Rice, Erik Marcus got me cooking that up. I promise I will download the pictures tonight.

Yes, I am still mad about the almonds and greens......... I am very glad to have gotten some feedback on this topic, though not a lot because nobody is aware of it, so scary!

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VeggieSue said...

Congrats on getting those neatballs to stay in one piece. No matter how hard I try, even veg meatball recipe I use, even this one, they just fall right to pieces as soon as I take them out of my hands, sometimes while they're still *in* my hands. What's your secret?