Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So Far So Good

I think I am better except for a little cough and a blocked ear. My body feels strong and awake again, finally! I have been eating ETL and have been doing pretty well. I made an African Peanut Stew on Friday which I was not crazy about at all. Sunday night I made pesto sauce with brown rice pasta, that was very good. Monday night I made a green Thai curry from scratch, it took me two hours to make it, I toasted and ground all of my own seeds, soaked my own chilies and it took forever. It was pretty good but a bit to spicy for me. The coconut milk really helped calm the spice down. Also I have been eating salads with beans and nuts for lunches. I made the best dressing today from garden veggie juice, basil, oregano, pepper, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, onion powder, this dressing was the best I have ever made. The juice I used is store bought and from concentrate, but I think it is okay if I am just using it as a dressing. Yes it has a bit of salt in it, but I am not done with salt just yet. I was thinking I could also use tomato puree or use tomato paste and water if I did not want to use juice concentrate.

Tonight I am making a Tuscan bean bake with polenta and steamed spinach with garlic. I am really looking forward to this, I am crazy for cannelini beans. If it comes out good I will leave the recipe tomorrow. You never know these days what will come out good, it seems it is 50/50 lately.

Also just so I can keep track my breakfasts have been soaked oatmeal with pecans or walnuts, bananas, frozen blueberries, and rice/soy milk unsweetened. This is really good. Also I have been really into apples lately, they really fill you up and the macs taste so good.


Urban Vegan said...

glad you're on the mend!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

thanks for your post, it's so amazing to have stumbled on such a wondeful community of like-minded people here.

i love your breakfast idea. this is definitely something i'll have to try! yum!