Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 2

This is the longest I have gone without caffeine in a long time. I have been caffeine free for two whole days and it has not been painful. Usually when I try to give up coffee I get terrible headaches and a bad attitude. This time has been easier, think it is because I weened myself down to a cup every other day and then I switched to black tea, which is just not as stimulating. Now I am onto herbal tea, I have been drinking about 3 cups of it a day, my favorite is ginger tea. I am so proud of myself for not feeling like I may snap due to lack of caffeine.

Anyway, ETL has been going okay. My cravings are so unbearable, the are a force of their own. I keep thinking about pizza, asiago cheese bagel from Panera, and cheese croissants from DD's, do you think I miss cheese or what. I changed my diet to meat free and dairy free back in Sept 2006 and I still think and fantasize about cheese every single day, does it every go away? I still miss cheese in my salads, I used to be able to down a huge salad and enjoy because I would put feta, cheddar, or blue cheese on it and it would taste so good. Without the cheese I have to gag down a salad, I am just wondering when I will get used to it. I guess I have to admit when I go out to eat on Sat. nights I will cheat and have a little cheese, maybe that is why I can't get over my addiction. But anyway ETL is great other then the cravings I have been dealing with.

yesterday menu:

Breakfast- oatmeal, 2 clementines, banana, oatmeal, ginger tea

some chocolates left over from Valentines day

lunch- Italian stew

whoops, yogurt covered pretzels

dinner- pita pizza with broccoli, mushrooms, onions, garlic and a salad. Green smoothie.

today menu:

breakfast- oatmeal, 2 clementines, pecans, ginger tea

chocolate a little piece

lunch- Italian stew with steamed spinach

dinner- I am not sure yet which could spell trouble, I will try to eat ETL but Friday and Sat nights are the toughest.

also I have a workout plan all mapped out I will start this tomorrow, Amanda take note:

chest workout

shoulders and hamstrings

triceps and quads

back and biceps

each of these days I will do 20-30 minutes cardio, I will start with walking on an incline. I really want to do this. I am hoping it will raise my energy level and help with my insane appetite.


Alisa said...

I was reading your blog and kept thinking "they must be cheating" over and over again, as 5 months is a long time for those cheese cravings to persist.

As someone with experience, it is impossible to get past cheese or other milk cravings without going cold turkey. It could take about two months after absolutely NO CHEESE for the cravings to head south, but they will.

I have heard awesome things about the new product sheese - - now available from and pangea (I think It is supposedly a very good cheese alternative, available in many varieties.

I hope this helps. You can visit my website for more help with the dairy free part - I have added a ton of information to it. All the best!

Anonymous said...

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