Thursday, February 08, 2007

Green Smoothies and Ginger Tea

Well I am now considering Eat To Live again. I am so all over the place aren't I? Anyway I am attempting to get back on the ETL wagon. I am nervous about it, I was so miserable at the end of December with this damn diet. I have forgotten all of the bad and can only think of the good. I think I am going to slowing get back into the diet, I am not going pure perfection as I did in the past. I am not cutting out salt yet, that will come later. Also I will have two servings of grain instead of one to start out and see where that takes me. I will eat oatmeal for breakfast and a grain with dinner, I think that will work better with my body. Also on ETL you can adjust to what suits you, as I am not trying to lose any weight.

I am going to look over the recipe sections again and make one or two new ones a week, I will not try to tackle the whole recipe section in one night and overwhelm myself as I did before. I will take it very slow and 100% ETL is my long term goal. My mini goal for now is no white flour, no white sugar, tons of fruit and vegetables, no animal fat, no dairy, less grains, more veggies. I second mini goal is to grow to love vegetables the same way I love bread and pasta now.

Today's plan so far is:

raw oats with unsweetened soy milk, banana, clementine

ginger tea

sweet potato with pineapple, orange juice, dates

green smoothie

I have not been hungry at all lately I think it is because I have been sick, my appetite is gone, which is a good thing. I am trying to skip lunch so I can feel true hunger by dinner time and see what that feels like.

Don't worry Dr. McDougall I may be back, you are my second fave DR.

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