Wednesday, February 21, 2007

White Flour and Salt = the arch enemy

I had a really bad cravings day yesterday, all I could think about was cheese and bread. It was scary, I felt like a true addict must feel. So today I took ETL down a notch so that I would not fall off the wagon again like yesterday and eat a bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a piece of tirimisu. For breakfast I had soaked oatmeal in soy milk with goji berries, walnuts and banana. For lunch I had the portebello mushroom stew I made the other night but I added some ditilini pasta and it went down so much easier. Yesterday I tried eating it without pasta and I could not do it, I ended up eating a bagel because of that. For the rest of the way is a workout quads and biceps for dinner I am having a mini pizza on WW pita with broccoli, onions and mushrooms, tomatoes and a little soy cheese. Then I will have a smoothie with fruit and veggies. I am going to a friends house tonight and there will be wine and junk (poisonous foods) foods, none for me, though it will be tough because I am still sick and very tired. I need strength, I need will power. Help me stay away from cheese, white flour, and salt.

I thank all of the people at Dr. Furhman's forum for all of the support they have given me since I started, if it were not for them I can't say where I would be healthwise. I really want to give up all white foods and start working out. It would be such a blessing to not crave these foods anymore and instead crave excercise.

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KleoPatra said...

Good for you to stay away from the things your body doesn't tolerate well. Remember that your body is just that YOUR body. And i'm glad to see what you're putting in there nutritionally speaking is good stuff. And good tasting, too. Keep up the good work!