Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quiche Disaster

I made a quiche tonight, it was what you would call a flop. I got the recipe from the Enlightened Kitchen, the recipe sounded so tasty and it was. The recipe consisted of silken tofu, miso, sherry, soymilk, broccoli, shallots, garlic, bell pepper, and potato flakes. One thing I did was use chicpea flour instead of potato flakes. I searched for potato flakes but I could not find them at Wild Oats, of course. I can't find much at Wild Oats, they are always out of items I need. Anway that was my first mistake then I put the quiche in a small glass dish and it would not cook through, it was too thick. It took forever to cook and then it was way to soft, it was a big bowl of mush, but it tasted good, if only it held its shape. Oh well next time. I did not even bother taking a picture.


Urban Vegan said...

every once in a while, you have to sacrifice one to the cooking gods. better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

You could have just as easily one to a regular grocery store. Potato flakes are very common. You would have spent too much at wild oats for it anyway. Unless you are one of the organic yuppies that think a little BHT in the packaging will give you insta-cancer.

Brown said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous you really shed some light on things, much appreciated.