Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some Easy Tacos

I made some tacos out of TVP, black beans, Bearitos seasoning, cabbage, tomatoes and my guacamole. It was really good, it has been awhile since I ate a beef taco but tonight I felt very nostalgic of my high school days when Taco Bell Beef Tacos were a source of excitement. I made the guacamole with pressed garlic, onion powder (I was lazy), cilantro, black pepper, lime juice and a little salt. I was debating whether or not to get vegan gourmet cheddar and Toffuti sour cream but fortunately after reading Michael Pollan's article today I decided against it. He said, "if your great grandmother would not recognize it as food then don't buy it," I guess Toffuti and vegan gourmet fall perfectly into that category plus they are expensive. Also keep in mind I did use TVP, which is rare, but I feel I needed the protein boost.

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Candi said...

What a wonderful blog! Thank you for your nice comment on mine... I followed it here and love your ideas. Your last post was very helpful!

Tacos.. oh yum! I love them and love making them with TVP too! I just made refried bean burritos, speaking of your Taco Bell days! lol! :)

Your tacos look great!!