Saturday, April 21, 2007

Drea This Is For You

My pal at work and I were discussing chicken fingers and how much she loved them. I told her I could tofu fingers that would be even better so I tried these, one batch was baked the other was fried. As you all know Eat To Live is my nutritional bible so I usually don't fry things that is why in the pictures above the plate with only two fingers are the ones that were fried, the other plate were the ones that were baked. The baked ones came out so much crispier then the fried, but the fried did taste a little better. I think I prefer the baked version that was very crispy, we loved them with barbecue sauce and honey mustard dressing
I marinated tofu in a recipe I adapted from Vegan Vittles called Tom Tofu, I know I can't post the recipe because Joanne Stepaniak does not like that. But I did marinate the tofu overnight in her marinade. The next morning I sliced the tofu into fingers and set up a line of whole wheat pastry flour on a plate, soy milk in a bowl, and a mix of Italian breadcrumbs, cornmeal, nooch, black pepper, garlic granules. I then dipped the marinated tofu in the flour, then soymilk, the dredged in the breadcrumb mixture. Next I put the four fingers in a 450 degrees oven for 20 mins, these were so crispy and tasty, I swear I was eating chicken. The marinade really gives it a meaty.poultry like flavor. Also I had used frozen tofu so the texture was meaty and chewy. Then the other two fingers I fried in one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil until they were browned, these were so tasty but did not get quite as crispy as the baked batch. Either way I will be making these again with fries and ketchup or with brown gravy and mashed potatoes. I will also share them with all my tofu-suspicious friends.


Courtney said...

I just discovered your blog--it looks great! Thanks for all of your wonderful posts, these look so good!


Andrea Lea said...

Thank you for thinking of me. You know how much I cant stand fat chunks and icky stuff in meat. When I get my house I plan on experimenting with all the stuff you've been teaching me.

Charlie said...

I was on the McDougall discussion board and was referred to this blog. Can't find who sent me here. I would like to try the tofu cutlets and fingers. I need a recipe. I think you said Stepaniak does not like for you to give recipes. Can you help?

Belynn said...

I am new to vegan cooking, and this is probably a dumb question, but what exactly is "nooch?"