Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last night was a Success

Tonight is eggplant parm night, with tofu basil ricotta. I can't wait. I am still debating on weather to bake or fry the eggplant, I am leaning towards frying.

Last night I made pesto with brown rice fettuccine, it was very very good. I have not had pesto in years and I forgot how much I loved it. Even Cheez loved it, he asked me if it had butter in it. HA go figure, I told him no it did not have butter because you really don't need butter for great flavoring, this was proof to him. Also for the side I made some "grain balls", sounds appetizing right? I had some left over Bulgar wheat in the fridge so I mixed it with some crumbled tofu, WW breadcrumbs, kitchen bouquet, Bragg's, onion flakes, garlic flakes, bacco bits, tomato paste and some oat flour to hold it all together, I sauteed them in a little safflower oil, they were very good. I wanted to add baby bella's that I had but this was supposed to be a quick dinner and it was getting late. The texture was so much like meat it sort of gave me a chill. I brought them for lunch, I am going to smother them in mushroom gravy and make a sammich with some spinach. Oh and yeah I forgot to take a picture of this meal last night, I ended up eating it up to fast. It was damn good. Tonight there will be pics.

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