Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Squish Soup!

Last night I decided to make a butternut squash apple soup. I completely messed it up in so many different ways. First I used vanilla almond milk instead of vanilla rice milk which the recipe called for. Second mistake was I was supposed to cut the squash (which took 1/2 hour to cut), onion, apples, carrots and boil them in just the rice milk, instead I boiled it in a ton of water and then added the almond milk (was supposed to be rice), which resulted in a super watery soup. It tasted good and even smelled like incense but the wateriness was very bad. I felt like I was drinking squash, not cool. Also I don't think almond milk is supposed to be boiled, it seemed to have curdled, mmmmmmmmm................................................ Anyway yes it was a failure so there are not any pictures, I ended up dumping it after we ate it for dinner, there was just no way I was going to ever reheat it, especially since it already looked curdled. I HATE throwing food away, especially organic veggies.

I also wanted to mention the website Compassionate Cooks, I discovered this website yesterday while listening to a podcast on Vegan Freak. Colleen Patrick Goudreau lives in the Bay Area in California (lucky!) and she runs this website, teaches cooking classes, and hosts the podcast that can be found on http://compassionatecooks.com/, it is so cool I listened all day while working yesterday. She gives so many vegan cooking tips, baking tips and transition tips. Also her website is so helpful. I wish I did not live a thousand miles away I would take her cooking class in a second. I will subscribe to her website today or tomorrow.

Another question, what is this I keep hearing about Wildwood soy products?! I have never heard or seen them before. All of a sudden everyone is talking about this product on different blogs and websites, I want to try it. Most people say it is the "best" tofu! they have ever had, they even make a super firm version which is great for grilling. If anyone on the East Coast knows about this product could you drop me a line. I can't even find Nigari Tofu around here, damn East Coast!

Also I am making a eggplant parmesan tomorrow with VwaV tofu basil ricotta, I will post a pic and verdict on how that turns out.


Urban Vegan said...

That tofu-basil ricotta is the best--it's so versatile! Can't wait to see your pix.

Candi said...

I never heard of the Wildwood soy products either, and I'm on the West Coast. i never looked for them either though. Lol!

Sorry about the cooking failure...oh I have many! Especially when I have to "re-learn" how to cook without animal ingredients.

Anything from VwaV is good to me!

oh, I meant to say in my other comment to you...I'll be moving back to MA next month! Hoo Hoo!